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Mermaid Card

“Moira the Mermaid” is one of the characters in Dr. Fausto’s side show. See more in the gallery.

Jeryd Pojawa’s computer graphics experience dates back to the ’80s, when he was a alpha tester for Quantell’s Paintbox and Harry system.

Since then he has become proficient in Photoshop and has created a wide variety of images for various projects.

Below: A series of posters created to decorate sets on “Poseidon,” Warner Bros’ 2006 disaster film remake of “The¬†Poseidon Adventure.”

Here is a series of illustrations created for a children’s story, “Jasmine and the Djinn.”

This is an homage to old-fashioned circus sideshows, “Dr. Fausto’s Fabulous Freaks.” Each card represents and idealized circus poster image on the front, and a more down-to-earth depiction of the “real” performers on the back.

Banner advertisements for Body Vision jewelry company. Each measured 28″ x 60″ and were designed for use with their trade show booth / advertising campaign.

This is a miscellaneous assortment of graphic design projects:


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Written by Jeryd Pojawa

Jeryd Pojawa is a Los Angeles-based mutimedia artist with more than 30 years of experience in all facets of the entertainment industry.

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Friday, June 29th, 2012
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